Cellist Joe Orchard joined the Summit Symphony in 1985.  He enrolled at Rutgers University for an advanced degree in music and was driving back and forth from there to Summit for rehearsals.  This became onerous and he left the symphony in 1988 to concentrate on his Ph.D. which he achieved in 1999 with a degree in music history and theory.

He has also played with the Irvington Symphony and the Union Orchestra.  He rejoined the Summit Symphony in 2004 to the delight of us all.

Joe is currently a senior editor of RILM (International Repertory of Music Literature) in New York City.  In addition he teaches music history at Caldwell College.  He is also the artistic administrator of the Aston Magna Festival and the treasurer of the Mozart Society of America.  He still has time to sing in the choir at Holy Rosary Church in Jersey City.

Joe with Jim Sadewhite at a Summit Symphony picnic in 1985